Is it possible to backdate Revell's 1:35 OH-58 Kiowa

This may well seem a bone question to a seasoned helicopter modeller, but I am keen to add to my depictions of 1:35 armour - which I normally model - and therefore pondered the question. If it is possilbe then any advice would be welcome; I would be looking to portray something from say, USAREUR in the 70s which I think were operated back then.

I agree with Gino.

Better to go with 1/32.

Damn; that’s a shame. I note that the 1:32 kit is pretty rare. Mind you, I don’t mind mixing scales if there’s no other option ie 1:32 with 1:35 - but I appreciate doing anything with the Revell later version would be a lot of work and quite possibly beyond my skill-set!

Looks like my 1:35 helicopter element of my USAREUR collection my have to be limited to the ICM 1:35 Cobra once it comes out.

Thanks for the responses.

Not sure how much you want to spend. The cost seems kinda reasonable to me.

It is out, I would recommend the Special Hobby’s boxing if your ok with resin bits etc.

Well, thanks for that; I was unaware of the Revell kit in its Jet Ranger guise.

I don’t think the ICM Cobra has hit UK just yet, though more than happy to be proved wrong.

Thanks again!

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They have made it across the pond.

Roger that - I’ll keep an eye out.

Thanks again.

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From my previous post referenced above:

Yup, still think it is the best way. A nice OH-58A or C in 1/35 would be awesome though.