Is MAiM no longer operating

has Modern Armies in Miniature gone out of business? i was trying to find some of their products and everyone appears to be out of stock of just about all of their products.

@Klaus-Adler Go to Der Sockelshop and click on Nein for Cookies.

Then click on the English language dropdown on the top right of the screen.

Der Sockelshop sells all of the MAiM kits, but the reason why it’s not really popular is because they charge a huge fixed DHL shipping fee to ship from Germany.

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yes i agree that is a very expensive wau to shop.

MaiM is the housebrand of Der Sockelshop.


Also F O G, fields of glory, sells Maim products from England.

yeah but 90% is out of stock, i was on their site thr other day.

thanjs anyway.


Quite a few items here in Oz

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John W.

cheers but I’m in Scotland so the postage will be expensive.

I have ordered a couple of times from BNA to Spain (few years ago) and the shipping was reasonable. Plus their huge catalogue allows to order many products instead of using several shops

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Actually it isn’t that bad; I’m a great fan of BNA - very prompt and as I say the prices not too punishing.


@varanusk @BootsDMS ok chaps i will explore that site and view the postage charges, maybe it’s not as bad as i fear it is.

Any further questions?–front46-.-model-kits

Ordered several times from BNA never had an issue, good service and postage very reasonable.
If using ebay they are known as A-Modeller.

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oh i recognise that seller lol

Shops outside of Germany are often reluctant to stock MAiM, even on Special Order, and I think that is because of the high cost of shipping. I know; I asked.

I agree…try BNA as the DHL price to ship from Dersockelshop is really steep…practically the cost of the kit(s) or more so it pays to buy many kits if you shop at Dersockelshop.

The MAiM kits are generally very good in details and fit and I do recommend them. They’re also quite unique too in subject matter.

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