Is Squadron really going out of business? Can anyone confirm?

Hi Armoramans residing in the US,
I read some speculation that Squadron is going out of business and saw lots of discussion about it on Facebook. Apparently, this speculation came about b/c they are having a 70% off clearance sale and showing a very limited number of items on their website now.
Is that true? Can anyone confirm or is this speculation simply from a “rumor mill”?

While I have no info on this, I will say that has been the norm for awhile as far as in stock items.

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Idk, but I agree with Mark. It’s been like that for awhile like since they were sold a few years ago. Selection, inventory and pricing are not what they used to be. Been living on past glory that is fading fast. If they do go under (don’t think they are) been surprised it has lasted this long in my opinion.

Web site now says:

Store Close for Renovation
Thank you for your business and your patience.


Their FB page seems to be busy with recent sale announcements and such. But 70% off does sound a little on the high side of things.

The web site message does sound ominous, but if you are closing, why not just say so or just shut down the web site. A friend of mine (who placed an order over the weekend and got a shipping notice today) seems to think there is a restructuring of the company going on. They did fire the Gwen early last year and Jeff V and one or two others have also left.

The web site states, store closed for renovation.

I remember when Squadron had a brick and mortar store near me on Long Island.

Can confirm the sales. Ordered 10 books - In Action and such - for only $4.99 each just before Christmas. Guess I ordered just in time? Is this the same company that makes the green putty? I’d like to get my hands on another tube of that !

They also make a white putty. I have both though they’re probably too old to use.

There’s better stuff out there.

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Their usual MO is that the sale % is off the MSRP and not their retail. MMD/Squadron are one of our suppliers at the Spare Time Shop and my boss hasn’t been informed of anything by them, it’s still business as usual as far as he’s aware. There have been questions and concerns over the past year or so, but nothing definite has come out; as of yesterday they aren’t shutting down (I did the MMD order yesterday and asked the boss about this).

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When I lived in the Detroit area in the early '70’s, I had not one but two Squadron Shops to wildly spend my paper route and allowance money. However they seem a little sickly lately. Their website totally sux. Their search engine is a joke. Hope they heal up soon.

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Straight out the tube - fairly average - but mixed with Testors liquid cement very useful. I’ve made weld beads and cast textures as well as gap filling.

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I had friends near DC when we visited I always made it a point to stop st the Squadron Shop in Silver Springs Maryland.

Sad truth is that I have not ordered from them for at least four years and I wouldn’t even notice if they just up and went away.

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It definitely looks like it might be. Tons of posts on their Facebook page from people saying they have been refunded or had their orders cancelled and that phone lines are disconnected etc. My order was refunded with no explanation.

70% just seemed too good to be true but at least I didnt loose any money.