Is Tamiyas 1/35 newer Panther D a better upgrade than the 1996 Panther G Steel and Late

I’m sorry this should have been my question to begin with. My buddy has both the Tamiya D and G was wondering what I would be better choosing. Sorry

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It wouldn’t be too much work to make an early A from the D, but a later production A would take more effort. Most of the changes for an early A will be to the turret… sealing up and smoothing the side pistol ports, deleting the smoke grenade launchers, possible some top plate details on the turret, replacing the cupola with the later cast type, etc. The only thing on the hull obvious is the headlight configuration.
On a late model A then the rear plate stowage and exhausts need to be addressed, the change to a ball mantlet for the hull MG, from the “letterbox” slot opening, the mantlet opening for the gunners sighter went from two openings to one…


The main reason I was asking is because I have a buddy that has both the Tamiya Panther G late steel wheel and the panther D and I was really just trying to look at getting the most accurate kit of the two.