Is the new squadron still open?

Is the “new” Squadron mail order still open? I know the old one isnt ,but a new one took its place . I was wondering if its still in bussiness ,and if so has anyone used it ?

Little late in my reply, I did receive an email from them last night saying “we’re back!”, I’ll be 100% upfront that I haven’t visited the site yet to see how it looks. Last time I was there, several months ago after their return announcement it seemed a little lackluster.

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In my opinion, they (Squadron) have an awful long way to go to be in competition with Sprue Bros. and Andy’s HHQ. Andy has put together a very slick site in about a year’s time. And I consider Sprue Bros. to be one of the Gold Standard’s for Online ordering.
That said, I wish them (Squadron) well cause I remember ordering from them by mail in the early 70’s. They were one of the best back then. Hopefully they’ll be there again.


I got the same email . i went on thier site , they seem to be a bit expensive. the site is the same as the old site . Thats why I asked if they wee still opened. maybe they shouldve started comletly fresh ? ne name new site ?

I agree with you with Sprue bros. Scale hobbist is as good . those are my 2 “go tos” . Im leary about squadron . Ill wait awhile . thier a little more expensive then the others.

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I agree about waiting, however their email stated…

“Please note that, for now, every order is Free Shipping inside the USA!”

These days with the cost of shipping continually rising, that’s a discount that should draw in some immediate business. Hope it works for them.

Cool thing is Andy’s HHQ is in my home town (west Phx Valley). Most of the LHS’s are on the east side.
I have done one order from the ‘New’ Squadron. Shipping was a little slow but that might be they are still getting their act together. As mentioned, back in the day ‘Squadron Mail Order’ was the thing. I lived in the Detroit area back in the late '60’s and early '70’s and not was there one Squadron Shop but 2. Wow did I leave a lot of face smudges on the display cases back then :slight_smile: My only be-hatch was their shipping x-y $ you bought cost this much in shipping. The more you bought the lower the shipping cost. I am sitting back hoping that Squadron (I think this is there like 2nd rise of the phoenix) will make it.

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I used to get their monthly catalog in the mail and immediately look through it as if it were the Sears Christmas Toy catalog from the 50’ and 60’s. LOL Great memories of a simpler time. I think I actually have one of those stashed away somewhere.

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I recently went on thier site again, and almost everything is out of stock ? Anyone know if they are still in bussiness ?

Yes, they are. I ordered some ICM kits that no one else had and they shipped them to me in a few days for free. Unfortunately the free shipping threshold in now $100 but that’s better than Sprue Bros.

Thanks . Shiooing charges are high everywhere ! !