Is the "Ronin" miniature legit?

They don’t have an actual website, but ebay and Amazon vendor:

Some of their figure look nice. I couldn’t find any thing similar to their.
My thought about them is that:
1 - They have some models from well known videogames, such as Fallout series. - Though, there are people do them elsewhere since Fallout’s studio never make one of those and young people like me will always try to find a way to make these ourselves.
2 - Some stuff look oddly resembling something from some closed studios in the past, but their have indeed have very good texture, like better than most recast.
3 - They are from Ukraine… Well, I do trust Eastern Europe, many good manufacture there, but they are also 1 level behind China in term of stealing idea and recast stuff…

If you had deal with them before, please give feedback.

Regarding stealing & recasting models.

Back in mid 1990’s two well known US aftermarket companies said a 10 percent change makes it fair to copy someone else’s modeling work.

Sometimes aftermarket companies sell molds or sell off product lines to other aftermarket companies. It’s very possible something gets “recyled” by another company.

If the price is less than $50 and I was really interested in the product I’d give a new company a chance. They can’t be any worse than AEF Designs here in the USA used to be :slight_smile:

Of course that’s assuming one is willing to take the risk after contacting the company via email, facebook etc and checking them out.

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