Is there a holstered revolver out there in 1/32 for a Vietnam Helo pilot?

More than likely a Model 12 S&W, although holstered it hardly matters. If it comes on a resin figure I’ll buy the whole figure just to get the gun. Right handed.

Most Verlinden 1/35 stuff is overscale, and actually closer to 1/32, so you might want to look at their stuff. I know that they have some M1911 .45s in holsters. Also have a look at some of the old Airfix 1/32 Multipose figure sets for holstered pistols. I don’t know of any revolvers, but it’s a starting point.

The Verlinden Cobra Pilot and USAF Pilot Vietnam both have holstered revolvers. Both are 54mm (1/32) as well.


Try the Airfix multi pose figures in 1/32 scale. I think one of their British soldier (Europe or North Africa) should have one.

They may have other useful parts too.

Regards Jason

The two Airfix Multipose British sets definitely have holsters but they are 1937 pattern web ones. The US Marines set also has holsters and it is possible to carve them into a revolver holster.

I converted a 37 pattern one and .38 Enfield (from the same set) to an open top RAC holster but the Enfield may not look like whatever weapon you are trying to depict. Still, it shouldn’t be that hard to convert to what you want.

Hey mate, have you had a look at HR Products?
Some nice 1/32 handguns/ in holsters…all metal though.
Cheers, Jason