Is there still something I can make of this unlucky project fallen onto the ground?

Unfortunately, during the movement to my own place. With my parents assisting me in the whole process. This unlucky friend fell onto the ground from some hight. Is there actually something I can make of it? Or should I just trash it?

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Convert it to a Ramm Tiger

Are all the parts still around or have parts gone missing?

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As a background piece of diorama scenery:

A destroyed or scuttled Ferdinand on a diorama depicting Soviet counter-attack during the Kursk battles. Burned out and rusty and sunken a bit into the ground to provide a backdrop for the Soviet troops and/or armor.

This would allow its use without too much worry about missing small details or the original paint and camouflage. It would require a couple of small and easy modifications such as removing the hull MG and the supplemental armor shield on the main gun forward of the mantlet.

You could also use the same idea (without the mods) for one of the Elefants in Italy with attacking or passing US Army troops.


Unless you have some emotional attachment, I would strip it of usable parts/accessories (weapons, road wheels, seats, etc.) and trash the rest.


If you have all the pieces, just glue it back together.


A lot of my older kits, especially if they have sustained damage, become test subjects for different techniques, I.e. burnt paint, rust, painted on markings, etc.


Sci-Fi it by kitbashing other parts to it to make a spaceship, hovertank, Post-Apocalyptic bunker or house, etc. just like this Sci-Fi kitbasher below.

There is a Sci-Fi Campaign in process right now with the deadline at the end of this year.


Peter @Trisaw . . .

. . . this is one effing cool looking inter-galactic slug! Very nice creative work, me likes . . Muy Muy bueno!

Cajun :crocodile:


@agincajun Do check out his other years…all his creative kitbashes.

I used to communicate with him years back and kitbashed just like he did. I encountered problems following his methods because kitbashing required a lot of donor kits for spare parts. I think he buys kits JUST to kitbash, not to build OOTB. I don’t buy kits just to kitbash so it got too expensive for me.

I did ask him for spare parts one time and he sent me this HUGE overflowing box of spare plastic parts that I manged to use some of the parts, but the rest I threw in the recycle bin because he is so good at kitbashing that he used up all the cool parts. :laughing:

He’s a cool guy. I stopped emailing him when I stopped kitbashing vehicles and spaceships because I just didn’t have enough donor kits nor did I want to break up the OOTB kits I did have in my stash.


Artemis @modelbouwnederland, that’s a bummer your model had a crash landing but it doesn’t look like it’s beyond repair, this is where your modeling skills really come in handy, one thing to remember is that as a model builder, you put it together in the first place so no biggie right.

You now have a:
Paint mule
Battle damaged Nazi tank (the best kind there is)
Continue with the interior and raise the upper half to show off the inside
Jump into your Captains chair and build a Sci-Fi . . . uh, whatever

Cajun :crocodile:


If the parts are still there, attempting repairs will be an excellent way to stress your model building skills to learn more and improve. If repaired successfully great, if not it was an excellent learning experience and the model can still be used as a test bed or damaged AFV etc.


Gino-Please visit my storage room as I have NEVER tossed anything! LOL Parts are parts