Is Vallejo Mud & Grass Effect out of scale for 1/16?

Hello, just wondering if the “grass” in this product will be out of scale on a 1/16 tank? I want to put it on the hull, and around the road wheels etc.
Thank you.

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It may look like the vehicle rolled across a lawn rather than a field but I think it might work. You could try adding longer bits of static grass into the mix.

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Yes, I was thinking the same thing…lol.

Like what @brekinapez said, I think it would work, and as well as bits of static grass, you could throw in some mixed dry herbs for added ground matter. I use that a lot on dio bases.

for reference only.

Im sure you have the same in the states, this was one I just grabbed off the net.

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I would be careful about putting foodstuffs in your dio as that stuff might entice bugs.

Whenever I do it the build is always sealed with coat of varnish or its mixed in with another base like the pigments and a paste etc and never had an issue with it. :+1:

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I was thinking of getting some hemp rope, and cutting the strands to the size I want.