Island pacific airfields construction build help?

I’m looking to purchase a bulldozer to pull L.Z. models of Letourneau rooter and roller equipment should I get Miniarts # 38022 bulldozer will this have the rear end attachment to hook up to L.Z model accessories,or what can I be suggested to get?

The kit has the attachments points on the rear end however that kit have more “modern” features and might not be the best to representation for a WW2 tractor but you might be able to leave some parts off and source other decals to make it work.


Step 54 has the rear attachment, step 68 has more of the “modern” features like the roof and lights.

I think ideally you would want kit 35184. Studying the instructions you might find more differences then I did.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Tankman, I’m a lover of miniart kit I believe that must look in stash I have verlinden productions bulldozer kit that I will most likely use than spend monies but you did show me information i need to make decision for which I was looking for. Thanks next to find pictures of seabees clearing an airfield on islands for correct American bulldozer brand. Many tanks!

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Some photos

Hope that helps.

Yes that helps I appreciate your time on information I was seeking thank you pointing the direction this is the best suite it beats social media I need and will spend more time here getting dioramas started and completed.