ISM (Engineer Minelaying System) "Kroton", 1/35

Today I would like to present the model of the ISM “Kroton” Mining Engineering System. The model was a transporter which was once used by the Training Center of Engineering and Chemical Forces in Wrocław. The replica of the vehicle was built on the basis of the MT-LB model by Trumpeter (tru 05578), the model was cut and extended by an additional axis in the place of the original cut, the front end was also modified to the Opal II level, the track fitted with overlays to the currently used ones, a large part of the elements has been scaled from the actual dimensions and designed in the program for 3D resin printing, some of the elements were designed as photo-etched parts made of 0.2 mm plaque. In addition, many elements were made by hand from various types of profiles, plates, etc. Scale 1/35

A few words about the vehicle:
ISM “Kroton” - Engineer Minelaying System “Opal” II based engineer vehicle with mine-scattering system UMN mounted on a cargo bed. UMN consists of 4 launchers, each with 20 launch containers for anti-personnel or anti-tank mines. The ISM has a crew of 2 and a combat weight of 15.25 tonnes. It entered service with Polish Land Forces in 2004. Croton in action :slight_smile:


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Looks great! :+1: :smiley:

Wow! What a truly fantastic piece of scratch-building. You’ve managed to create a very interesting and seldom-seen vehicle, a real one of kind build. The painting, finishing and basing are great too for showing off the piece.

It is actually a rare vehicle. There is also a wheeled version with its own name “Baobab”:

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More excellent scratch building. Interesting subject as well. :+1: :+1:

Great work! Unusual and interesting subject.

Great scratch building job! Thank you for sharing your work and letting us know about the vehicle itself.


You’re welcome. The pleasure is mine. :slightly_smiling_face: I will start a new topic in the week. This time full scratch and 3D of the legendary Polish Star 25 truck. :slightly_smiling_face: