ISO: Tamiya 1/35 M1A1 parts tree D

I think the parts tree is common for most of the Tamiya M1A1 kits, including the “Ukraine” rebox.

At the very least, I need the following parts.

D1, D2, D12, D20, D21 & D22 (all the parts for the rear bustle rack). Need those for my M1IP project build.

Having a hell of a hard time trying to get the parts through eBay.

I can help you out. I have the rear bustle rack parts. Send me a PM with your address.

Appreciate it, Gino. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there! I have an old Tamiya M1A1 kit with mine plow. I only used the plow parts. If this kit has the parts you need, and if Gino ends up having any issues with supplying you what you need, I can help you as a backup.

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Thanks for the assist as well, Gino is coming through, and I’ll still take you JIC. :slight_smile: