Israel Defense Forces Campaign 2020

I’am not sure if it already has a new site thread if not here we go

idf spit-6
Started with the AZ Spitfire which is really nice

Simpel build
idf spit-7

In overal green and some bit’s an pieces from donor spitfire’s
idf spit-11

Little extra for the small dio
idf spit-9

with this as temp result
idf spit-10


I am in with this.

open gas stations with gas near me

I have started with suspension.

Here is some progress.
Tracks are easy to assemble, turret is busy as you can see.

Would it be possible for me to enter a build in this campaign? What is the end date?

You are welcome, I have yoined recently

It actually finished on 31/12/2020 guys.

If you guys want to keep building and post here, I’m sure no one will object.