Israeli Defence Force M113 Zelda | Armorama™

A stunning build of a much-traveled armored personnel carrier found in many different guises, this one being the IDF M113 Zelda from modelling friend Jacques Pelosse

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Really nicely weathered but those vision ports look weird. I’d give them some panel liner round the edges - the blue looks too flat blue if that makes sense. Also the stowage on top could do with another flat coat.

But other than that, superb build. I love the subtle weathering effects on this, the tiny little rust spots, chipping etc all top class. Well done.

Excellent job on the Zelda. I built one many years ago from a Tamiya 113 with the verlinden update set . Yours looks much nicer. Really great job on the finish. As pointed out already , I’d put a dull coat of some of the shiney storage items but it’s excellent!