Israeli Defence Force Merkava Chariot Mk. 1 by KoHi Trần (Tomkanzaky) | Armorama™

A stunning build from modelling friend KoHi Trần (Tomkanzaky) and his Israeli Defence Force Merkava Chariot Mk. 1 really is outstanding the weathering and build

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The Israelis must use a lot of Scotchgard on their gear.

Sorry Joe I’m not following you about the scotchguard.

Dusty Tank, Clean gear

Oh ok lol. Yeah they look cleaner than the tank. Have to admit I never weather my tank crews. For figures outside the vehicle, yeah a little dust or mud on their boots and pants usually to blend them into the ground work.

Great build! Just one question, what brand are the figures?

In spite of number of inaccuracies, I find this model very pleasing to the eye.

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