Israeli M-60 AVLB markings

Because the AVLB is an “engineer” vehicle, the marking schemes used for the late Magach versions doesn’t work. The few pictures showing IDF AVLB’s don’t show any markings.
I’ve seen models with the typical Registration tags on the launching mechanism, but no pictures.
The only making I’ve seen is on the rear fender.
I haven’t noticed any Brigade, Unit, etc. markings on the front fenders like found on tanks.
I haven’t seen any makings on the bridge either

Are these vehicles basically unmarked?
Any information would be greatly appreciated

I am no IDF modeller at all, but I was given a book some years ago which shows two M60 AVLB launcher vehicles. One has a large white “80” on the launching mechanism, the other “82”. No more markings visible, as both vehicles are extremely dirty.


Hope that helps.

Must be fairly new pictures since the “Sand Grey” is the current darker shade
Also the tracks are the Merkava metal tracks used on M60’s for some time.

A couple of markings to break up the sand grey

…picture text says taken in 2005.

I apologise to all IDF modellers here (for absolutely no knowledge on IDF…)…in case if this M60AVLB can carry a pack of two short bridges (“Tsemed bridging system”), then there is a registration number on these: 500814 y and 500815 y. The bridge 500815 y has a number printed on a large black square: 09 in dititally designed digits. The book is “IDF Armoured vehicles” from Tankograd and it has 13 top quality colour pictures from 2 different launcher vehicles with dismounted bridge and 1 picture of a bridge pack dismounted.


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The standard number plates are on the front and back fenders of the carrier vehicles. The IDF also likes to use number plates for equipment such as mine rollers, cranes and in this case bridges, so the bridge will also have a number plate.

I cannot distinguish any unit markings in the photos I have.


Great pictures; I’m adding those to my collection.

Is the the “Tsemed bridging system” @AKirchhoff mentioned?

Yes, check your PMs, I will send you some more photos

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Correct. IDF AVLBs are operated by the Tzama units of the Combat Engineering Corps rather than the Armored Corps, hence you won’t see markings usually associated with the latter.

They’re pretty rare: I don’t recall ever seeing a Tagash in action during my regular, nor my reserve service (vaguely remember seeing a few sitting idle in their bases though).

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More great images.

Did the IDF ever use the early M48 AVLB?

There are some pictures floating around, I know at least one in the Concord “Tank Battles of the Mid-East Wars, 1948 - 1973 p67” showing one on the Golan during the Yom Kippur war. Israeli anti-tank ditches need to be crossed when the IDF counter attacked Syran forces on the Golan.

All the rest are M-60’s

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It seems like it does follow the IDF pattern, until it doesn’t
Your photos are great, one shows the typical registration number on the front plate
A bridge with registration numbers, a bridge with “weight” numbers (70?)
A bridge with no numbers.
The 2nd picture (with the heroic pose) appears to have had numbers, but they were painted over on the bridge.

Some captured Jordanian M48s believed to have been converted to this role sometime after '67.

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