Israeli Tiran 6

This is the Trumpeter kit. Replaced the kit tracks with MasterClub workable tracks and a metal barrel. Added some stowage. The rest is pretty much OOB. And yes I do know there is a chip on the end of the barrel that needs to be repaired.

Thanks for looking.


Really like what you’ve done with this . This is not a criticism, but a curiosity issue. The spare tracks , were they salvaged from thw Tiran depot ?

EXCELLENT paint job and weathering!

Not sure what you mean Chris.

The tracks look more worn due to the rust . That’s why I thought they may have been a add on at the tiran factory / depot.
It is very well done . I was just thinking about what the back story was.

Ok understand. One thing that is annoying about the kit is that the turret is not keyed and does not seat very well onto the hull. In addition to repairing the chip I will have to work on enlarging the opening in the hull so that the turret sits a bit better.

Well from the photos it is not apparent that the turret isn’t keyed … Looking at how good yours turned out makes me want to do one.
Just dont know if I can keep up with you.
The other thing that I found impressive is the aide turret bins , they add so much.

Thanks for the kind words but I’m sure your no slouch. Bout time I get good at something. I’ve only been doing this for 50+ years. :grin: :grin:


So how did you enjoy building the kit? I have this very kit and was wondering if there was anything to watch for or ?. Anyway, I think yours turned out very nice. Hope my can turn out as well.

Very nice job, I love the weathering

Lovely addition to the IDF stuff DV… Would this have been about the same time as the 113 fitter ?

very well done
I probably would have worn a little more rubber components but it is my obsession

Pretty much what you would expect from a Trumpeter kit. Pretty good fit all around. Some PE is included but not too fiddly. Tracks come as indy links IIRC but I used Fruils. Don’t remember any particular issues.

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