ISU-152K transmission

Hello all,

I am planning to build Trumpeter’s ISU-152K with opened transmission door on the back. This vehicle in particular from the 1956 Budapest fights.

I know that ISU-152K used the V-54 engine instead of the V-2 used by ISU-152. It is written that it got a new transmission as well. But from the few pictures and short video I have found it seems that the transmission does not look anything like the one used in T-54s. The T-34 transmission looks more similar to it. I have not found photo of the IS-2 transmission.

Does anyone have photos of the ISU-152K transmission or has idea what to use as a base for scratch-building? I am thinking of Miniart’s T-34 set and modify it a lot…

Thank you in advance.

yep, that’s what I did

Using a Russian-language search, I found for you two books (different years of publication) of the technical description of the ISU-152M and ISU-152K.
For download, I posted them in pdf format on my website

And I think it will be interesting for you to know the intention to use these machines in Chernobyl, as stated on this page.

Thank you guys for the answers. Then I scratch/modify the T-34 transmission. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

fromSalekhard - thank you for the links. I think the first one with the color front has the same upload as the other one. Could you please check it? It seems these are going to be pretty useful!

Really. I have corrected.

I bought that resin engine set to use just the engine for detailing a MAZ-537.

If interested I have all those resin transmission, lateral brakes and the fan assembly parts you are welcome to for a song.

Sing to me!

Yuri - thanks for the reupload, these publications are surely a big help for scatching! :slight_smile:

Michael - thank you for the offer but I already have that Miniart T34 set in my stash to combine it with the SU-152K. Besides the postage (and now possibly tax and tariff) would be more expensive than the whole resin set :pensive: BTW I love your MAZ building, excellent work!!