ISV from GM Defense

Not very visually appealing like the JLTV (which should be coming out in kit form) but I suppose we’ll have to have one…

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Thanks for the link!

It is a pretty cool vehicle. It is built on a modified crew cab Chevy Colorado ZR2 chassis.

It should help with reducing the Army CARC paint budget :wink:



Just wait until the users start adding armour panels, a roof and other necessities.

I wonder if they’ve used this for the car show…


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If a very good 1/35 plastic model kit company made this in plastic, I’d buy that kit! (Please add resin tires!).

This could be one of the first new modern US Army 1/35 plastic kit released in a long time with brand new molds. Live-Resin’s soldiers would also help if such a 1/35 plastic ISV kit doesn’t come with figures.