It Has Been A Long While

Hello Everyone. I used to post “infrequently” on the old Armorama site and tried going back to it and noticed that now it’s this new site. So, I’m hoping to get my inspiration and mojo back and get building (and hopefully completing something) soon!

Should I repost on here what I was working on and had posted to the old site?



Welcome back! If you were in the middle of a build log on the old site, then you might want to post a re-cap here before carrying on. The great thing is the ease of adding pics to a post - you just need to drag&drop it from your computer! No need for 3rd-party host sites like PhotoBucket or Imagur…

Welcome back!
Ongoing builds are more than welcome. Barkingdigger summed it up nicely.

Thank you both!

Welcome to the new version!

Welcome to the new forums where life is so much easier…


I hope you will like it here.
Everything looks so much nicer and is much easier then it was on the old forums.

Welcome back!

I was just searching if I need to have a 3rd party photo hosting site and found this thread. So, according to @barkingdigger comment I don not need a photograph hosting website account to post photos here? It can be direct now? Does that include pics from iPhone? TiA


Correct, you can post direct and from your iphone.

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Now that makes thing easier. I spoke with Jim and he showed me the photo icon but I was not sure as I had not tried it. Thanks @Tank_1812 Ryan!

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I hope you guys won’t mind a quick test here instead of new thread/post. So, testing photo icon below right in my screen since I am viewing this on my iphone. I took this photo from my iPhone at Nellie AFB air show couple off years ago. I think it’s appropriate for the armor forum.

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Hey it works. Now that is easy. Thanks guys, whoever is behind this setup, it is great.