Italaeri BMW R75

Here is the progress so far. Assembled and painted, but now deciding how to approach the weathering. I don’t really want to go overboard. The markings are a combination of the kit transfers chopped about to get the numbers I wanted and hand painted tactical sign on the front of the sidecar (Divisional HQ, Defence company) and 9SS “Hohenstaufen” on the rear. The blue on yellow divisional sign comes from a photograph in “Hohenstaufen” by Trang and Tiquet. It’s black and white, but the darker colour motif is clearly painted onto a lighter shield. Strangely, none of the photos I have of 9SS motorcycles appear to have a camouflage pattern, they are all single colour, either dark yellow, or in some cases still plainly dark grey. It would appear that some vehicles were “acquired” from other units hence the varying ages (one picture shows a BMW R12, a much older model). The other weird thing is that in almost every case the front number plate has been removed and in the only rear view I can see, so has the rear one! Hence the made up number, but it is within the range used within the division.


That looks really good!
Cant wait to see it with some weathering.

Very very nice

Excellent looking BMW