Italeri 1/35 Leopard 1A1 in progress

WIP - the legacy Italeri Leopard 1A2 kit (even though it’s more like 1A1). Almost out of the box build with very little scratch building. Almost ready for some paint job.
I usually stay the hell away from Italeri kits but this one was a pleasant surprise for its age. Parts relatively go together well, details are decent, too.
Also, tried the UV curing clear resin (the pen kind) for the headlights, and very pleased with the ease and convenience - highly recommend it.
Constructive feedback welcomed before more work is done. Thank you fellow modelers.


Looking good. Looking forward to seeing some paint on it.

That is looking good indeed!

James, I tackled the very same kit earlier this year; if I may:

Add an armoured cover (so it conforms to the other ones) to the rather weedy looking episcope just to the rear of the sight in front of the Commander’s hatch. Simple enough fix with plastic card.

Add some fine chain to the smoke dischargers.

Add some small plugs suspended on fine chain to the apertures in the mantlet. There should also be some on the glacis but I’m not sure if the grousers will obscure those ones.

I’m assuming antennae and tow cables in due course?

Good looking built all round I’d say.

FWIW I would recommend Tamiya XF-51 for a decent Gelboliv match, but fully realise you may have your own plans.

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Good looking build. Great job.

I like it! How do you compare it to the Tamiya version?
BTW, did the spouse allow you to invade her territory? Brave man, I am still in high level talks with the warrior queen to allow me to display my models in the living room. No luck so far.:roll_eyes:

Thanks Luisy. Tamiya versions are old and completely lack details. Italeri Leopard 1 kits are surprisingly not bad.
In terms of the space, her sewing workstation is next to my hobby space, and I briefly used it to take photos and that’s it. :smiley: My desk was too messy at the time. I know better not to mess with her space.

Thank you all for your nice comments.
Thanks a lot BootsDMS for your very helpful comment!
So I’ve added an armored cover on the episcope using Evergreen plastic card.
Fine chains, small plugs, antennas, tow cables, and tracks will be added later.

Woo, XF-51 advice is helpful, too! I’ll be sure to use it.

Kind regards,


nice job
i continue to follow you with this project

I love the Italeri range of Leopard kits, with the 1a1being my favorite. I have built several, and have found several detail refinements at the Leopard Club website.

Your Leopard is great!


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One more little detail that all Leo kits have wrong and you might want to correct on your very nice model:
The “tracks” on the MG rings around the hatches are NOT raised, but just polished steel from the skids’ wheels wearing off the paint.

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Peter, very helpfully made this point when my Leo was under construction (the same kit I think) - see my efforts way-back-when but God knows where within this Cold War bit.

If it’s not too late I would recommend you take heed - as you’ve portrayed your hatches closed it might be possible to sand these off if you’re minded to; that said, they’re not, in my opinion, that noticeable.

Anyway, keep going!

Already took care of it 2 weeks ago:

Haven’t had the time to start painting though…