Italeri 1/35 Schnellboot S-204 'Lang' | Model Shipwrights

Here's my build of the Italeri S-100 Class Schnellboot as S-204 'Lang' in 1945. I've resumed this build after it languished for a couple of years. Please let me know what you think.

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Nice build so far excellent coloring and aging. Be careful with the rust on the Kalotte, only the center was made of steel, the wings where made of alloy - thus far less rust on the wings. The fuel hoses are from my shop at Shapeways (IronModels shop). In case of the rope on the deck, Royal Models have PT Boat set where the have a few rope sets included just in case you still need a few. I can only recommend for detailing the Torpedotube ends, Smoke Cans and the Smoke buoys in German or french version. Rock on


Thanks very much for the info - I’ll keep that stuff in mind as I continue the build. Thanks for watching!

No Problem, the S-boots are my fovorite torpedo carriere followed by the PT Boats. In case you would like to build the Lang boat you need the extended shield of the 3,7 Flak plus the 8,6 cm RAG on the side. The Ammo racks on Langs boat where standing and not laying. You would also need another life raft and a dingy.
Just my observation and knowledge.



Thanks for the heads up Christian - I hope I can get everything sorted out considering all the aftermarket PE I have. I think there are some good pictures in the Squadron book of Lang’s ammo racks.