Italeri Alfa Romeo 8C

Hello, this is my 1st post here… This is a 1:12 Alfa Romeo 8C built from an Italeri kit. The body panel safety bolts and wires are “printed”.


Great looking car. Like the setting too.


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Congratulations on a great looking car. :+1::+1:

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Thanks Gentlemen, this model was to get me back into car models ( been doing RC boats for 10 years ), this is a good kit. Slight weathering was done for a bit or realism.


Again, very nice work. PM sent

Thanks Richard, found you MFH build, Excellent work !

Ever seen the MFH page on F book ?

No I haven’t - I don’t do Facebook but one of my daughters and her husband do - next time we are together I’ll see if I can access it. Thanks for the heads up .

I hardly ever used it at all until I came by 4 1:12th scale MFH kits, now I find it indispensable ~ Model Factory Hiro Builds | Facebook

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Thanks Michael, got lucky on the way the pictures came out, that’s just a concrete foundation in the background.

The key to this model’s success was the printed lock bolts and safety wire, hardly worth building this kit without that detail.


Beautiful build! Great paint work and really nice subtle weathering, and your added detail finishes it off perfectly.

Looking forward to your next build.

Cheers, D

Thanks Mate ~

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