Italeri Dodge WC-56/57 Command Car Reissued | Armorama™

Italeri has added new decals and color instruction sheet to their new edition of the Dodge WC-56/57 Command Car

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Oh no. It’s baaa-aaack!

Is this a reissue of the old Peerless Max kit? I just finished one that had been on my shelf for years. It does build into a fairly decent model, but assembly is (as our UK readers say), “somewhat fiddly”.

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Almost 100% certain that it is a reissue.
Italeri has that habit, it’s good if one has missed out on a kit, just wait long enough and it will be reissued.

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I bought one on a whim cheap a few years back. It’s typical of its time, nothing special. Should be fine as a supporting character in the background of a larger diorama. Interesting choice of markings in this one, the Brazilian Army is certainly different. Wait a while and It’ll be sold at discount.
Probably a vehicle we could do with a new tooling for though.

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Well we have these 70’s vintage molds re issued numerous times by various companies… the 2000’s vintage Skybow kits that were picked up by AFV Club, and now Zvezda has released a new tool kit of the WC-51/52 troop carrier/cargo carrier, so there are options available. Perhaps Zvezda will do the rest of the 4x4 vehicles such as this command car and the ambulance since they all share a common chassis.


The AFV Club (ex-Skybow) is lightyears ahead of this one, which was originally released in 1975, based on MAX’s (Perless) 1974 WC-52/53.

Good to know, but it’s rare I ever come across AFV Club in my neck of the woods. My LHS hasn’t had any for years and the last they had was the Centurion.