Italeri M-24 Chaffee French Indochina 1953

I am going old skool on this one, with the Accurate Armour resin tracks and On the Mark-PE.

Construction is fairly straight forward, even though care must be taken to align the hull and turret parts. Mine has quite some flash in places and the plastic is soft, frays quite a bit when sanding or scribbing.
The cast enginedeck grills had to go.

A legionnaire crew will be cobbled together as well.


Good choice Ron, one of my favorite kits of all time; a simple enough build and I thoroughly enjoyed it, not least as I’m more than guilty of making life difficult for myself. I finished mine as a post war-Italian vehicle, but as I say, I really enjoyed this one.


I likes the subject!! Come on!

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Oh, I forgot to mention it will be a French M24, somewhere in Indochina, around 1953.
Some inspiration:

M-24 Chaffee of Capitaine Darmane, OC 5th Squadron 1e Chasseurs a cheval, Indochina 1952


I’ll keep an eye on this one, I’m a big fan of the Italeri Chaffee, especially the tamiya boxing with the link and length tracks and accessories which I’ve always found to be good fun to build

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I completely forgot to update this one!
It has been a frustrating build of sorts. The first plan to have the big hatch open got scrapped, because the interior of the turret is all wrong, if there at all.
Secondly I had hoped to use the early version resin Accurate Armour tracks. Getting them soft and pliable was one thing, getting them to fit the sprockets another. They did not! Holes and teeth do not match. Plus there were 2 different batches in the bag; the lighter ones badly warped and full of flash.
Lastly I struggled getting the new inlet mesh into place.


Nice subject and it’s looking good.