Italeri M1120 and Container 1:35

Old kit from Italeri, had to buy container additionaly.
Kit is what it is, not really comparable with Trumpeter but it builds quick.
Painted with Tamiya and weathered with Mig.
I got no pictures for container with graffiti, but I want it to break the monotony of one colour container and boring NATO camo.


Looks pretty nice. I like the paint color/work on the container. Nice job overall.

Looks very nice. That container is probably the most convincing job of weathering I’ve ever seen on something like that.
Is that an HO scale railroad graffiti decal or did you do it yourself. I have a few sets, but they’re going to be for something else. Again, very nice.

I bought set of decals from ebay:

Really nice HEMTT and the container in blue with the yellow graffiti is a very nice detail. Compliments.