Italeri Opel Blitz (late)

Ok, so I haven’t done any Axis modeling in over 35 years - Olive Drab is my usual thing. SO - please go easy on me LOL. Here is the italeri Opel Blitz (late) that I assembled oh, about 10 years ago, and it has collected dust ever since. As I’ve been gearing up to paint a few other shelf queens (kings?), I pulled this out of mothballs and hit it with Tamiya paint, which I’m just starting to transition to. I used the kits’ suggested scheme, so I have no idea of it’s veracity. But I’m pleased with my ‘camo’ job. I then weathered it with Vetero alcohol stain, Murky Brown. Some Bragdon powders on the tires, a little bit of Mig/Ammo weathering pencils for chips and rust. I’m quite pleased if I do say so myself, considering I’ve been winging it just to try some different products and techniques. Though it’s not too apparent in the photos, the alcohol stain gave the Tamiya paint a little ‘blush’, like fading, which I like very much.



Looks good. :+1:


I like it! Nice collection of stowage as well. :star_struck:



A-1. Very nice. A whole lot better than how mine turned out. Though now you have me wanting to revist this shelf queen of mine.