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Italeri releases again their Pz.Kpfw.IV F1/F2/G with some changes

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Typical of Italeri

The only thing they improved in 40 years is the box art!


Be careful about stating that this is the 1980s kit. It isn’t. Italeri redesigned their old, inaccurate kit with a new tooled version back in the 2000s. I’m surprised that this kit has redesigned the tracks yet again. The retooled kit contained the link and length tracks that were quite good. They corrected the shape of the turret and other details as well. It is a good kit. I have two built in my collection. They stand up well to any other manufacturers.


I’m not sure that you are contrasting the same variants of the PzKpfw IV. The Italeri kit is of the F, F2, and G variants. What is the Dragon kit. Also, your contrast does not take into consideration that Italeri manufactures openings as closed separate pieces. Finally, Dragon/DML has the reputation as not being very buildable. The Italeri kit is buildable.

I once built various Panthers from all variants from different manufacturers, including Italeri and Dragon. When built, I challenged people to describe the differences. Very, very few could. No offense, I will build kits from some of the less expensive companies. I don’t need models where most of the work has been done for me.




You seem to excel in making unsubstantiated assumptions. First, I do strive for excellent detail. But, to me, I would far rather spend $30.00 for a kit than $60.00, especially since, as a modeler, I am quite capable of improving even the most rudimentary kit. For example, the bolt heads above the forward opening on both sides of the turret are in reality conical not cylindrical. I can take care of that with simple bolt head decals instead of carving them off, sanding them down before correcting the detail. I gave my opinion that these models, when built by a competent builder, can be built to closely resemble the real thing. I stand by that.

Now, why are you attacking me instead of engaging me in a mature discussion?


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By the way, it is also well known that Dragon will use 20 pieces when one will do.


Quite agree that if the older model is cheaper and you are satisfied with it, go nuts. I remember thoroughly enjoying the old Tamiya Panzer IV and variants back in the eighties, and would consider buying again just for the nostalgia.

Having said that, both the Border model and Italeri ARE nearly the same price here in Australia. The Border kit is just better.

80s, Hell …74! Scalmates shows the lineage with no new tooling. “New parts” adding PE or side skirts or figures … Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1/F2/G with Afrika Korps Infantry, Italeri 6593 (2022) (

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There were Link and length tracks added in 2012, but that about the only update I can see. I wonder if they are still an option vs the ‘glue able’ tracks included with this release?

Comparing the sprue photos on Italeri’s website it looks like they’ve reverted to the rubber band tracks.

More generally…

Looking at very quick Google Shopping comparison for UK, this kit is coming up around £35, while the Border kit is around £45.

Given the inclusion of figures and accessories, even though it will not produce the most accurate rendition of the Panzer IV and the figures are of a “retro” quality, it is a good bundle for junior/entry level modellers to practice the full range of basic model making skills.

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I dont think Italeri are catering to the hardcore adult modelers amongst us.

My view is they look at the RFM, Border, new Tamiya and Dragon Panzer IV offerings and feel (rightly) that we the collective are well taken care of in terms of accurate, detailed models full of PE and so on to spend weeks or months on, to really push to something hyper accurate to show off at shows to wow the rivet counters and so on. But they also feel that your average youngster/teenager or new starter who is looking for something simple and casual with enough credibility to look fairly impressive, to knock together in a weekend with a splash of paint, some brushes and some experimental fun with the figures to make battle scenes etc, isn’t necessarily represented. So they box up something like this and simplify the tracks, add the figures for the battle scenes and box it up nicely at a price point that wont hurt Dad’s wallet.

That’s how most of us got started, right? Yep, even the attention-seeking guys who were smugly sh*****g all over this kit, upthread.

Its clear to me this set isn’t aimed at us, its aimed at new starters and youngsters, teenagers etc. Italeri could upgrade the set to make it reasonably competitive in the vast number of small and diverse things new starters wont usually notice but it would raise the cost and they wisely understand there is some snobbery over their brand so if price is the same the members here and our ilk still likely wont choose their model over a Border, Tamiya, Dragon, Takom or RFM etc. If they box it up nicely, charge a bit less for it and aim it at the new starters they’ll sell loads of them.

Will we see this set built up nicely at any of the model shows? Pretty unlikely, no. Is it a much less intimidating prospect for a new starter than a many hundred piece RFM or Dragon? Uh-huh.

Will Italeri sell a bunch of them? You bet.

Best of luck to them, I say. Its smart business and I applaud them.

I’d have absolutely loved this set when I was a kid just starting out. I cut my teeth on Tamiya who are now too expensive for most new starters these days. So who else is there? Let the newbies have their fun, why the need to s*** all over it just to show what an amazing advanced modeler you are. Italeri should be applauded for catering to the new starters - what future does our hobby have without new blood?

Sorry just my $0.02


ooops. sorry if I came across as dissing the italeri kit. Was not my intention.

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Wasn’t a dig at you mate. More a general observation.

I’ve got a weird compulsion now to go buy it and have a retro weekend with some brushes and stuff to see if it is as fun as I remember.

No airbrush, no masking, no PE, no scratch, no resin aftermarket etc.

Have any of you guys even done that?


I can surely attest to that William. I am in the process of building Dragons Panzer iv E (6264), which I think came out in ‘06? and there’s about 14 or 15 parts for each bogie assembly. Much of the kit is like this. I think it was designed for modeler’s to build maintenance scenes. Tristars kit has about 13 to 14 for the same bogie assembly btw. But it’s coming together nicely. You definitely have to take your time and test fit. Doesn’t go together like a Tamiya. I would have to respectfully disagree with your statement about them not being buildable. High parts count yes, not for beginners no.


That’s a pretty good idea actually. Would bring back memories of when I was a kid painting entire vehicles by hairy stick. Wonder if it would turn out better given my skills now as opposed to back then lol. I’m not so sure……

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Retro? Lets harken back to Monograms Stug IV. I grew up in the hayday of Sheperd Paine.


Yes me too! The Patton tank etc etc

I still have a few of his books from when I got into the hobby. Was looking them over a month or so back.