Italeri Stinger HMMWV?

Has this HMMWV version ever existed or is it just a brainchild of Italeri?
Stinger HMMWV–975901

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It looks like Italeri invented it. Taiwan (ROC) uses a similar set up, but I have not seen this exact HMMWV Stinger mount anywhere.


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@HermannB - Another prototype that has not been mass-produced? Although it may be an invention of the model manufacturer. It’s hard to find any documentation for this version, it’s just as hard to find the model itself. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting version of the Humvee, but also full of bugs. In this set it is possible to build a model with and without a winch.

It is worth mentioning that another variant of the HMMWV Stinger Carrier was put into use, with manual launchers and containers with additional missiles transported on a rack at the rear of the vehicle.

Hi guys,

Is there anyone who can give some explanation about the left bumpercode on the 2nd photo ?
I can read infantrybrigade, but not the first letters.

Tia !


I think it stands for Southern European Task Force.

Thanks metalhead85,

It makes sense, i did some research on Wiki.
Setaf had a provisional infantry brigade at some tome in the past.


Hi Ge,
yes SETAF reads Southern European Task Force. The pic is from me, posted on Primeportal, taken on a winterday in Grafenwöhr. SETAF is an airborne unit with HMMWV prime movers for M119 105mm howitzers and a couple of M998 Stinger carriers. I build the Stinger rack from scrach but need to get the fundings for Shapeways Stinger boxes.

The missile rack under construction.



Nice project !
Hope to see the final model !


I don’t ever recall that design being in US Army or USMC service, but there is a pedestal to mount four FIM-92 Stingers on the US Navy’s “soon to be retired” Cyclone-class Patrol Coastals that are nearing the end of their service lives after distinguished careers. However, I have not seen the four Stingers mounted on the Navy’s Patrol Coastals, so I’m wondering if the mounts are actually there or have been removed or is similar to the Italeri kit.