Italeri's MV Agusta 500cc 1964

A change of pace from the intensity of MFH.
I don’t know how old this kit is, but it certainly is not recent. The sprues were coloured plastic and chrome, actually mainly chrome, but it was a fun build and doubled my motorcycle collection and a nice size in 1/9 scale.

MV Agusta were the dominant manufacturer of the early sixties, taking title with Hailwood and Surtees. This represents Hailwood’s 1964 4cylinder 500cc bike.



Nice Michael- I believe this was originally issued by Protar , as was the Manx Norton offered by Italeri and Revell.

Nice. I have the “other MV kit” the three cylinder. It has a crankshaft and pistons in it, which you will never see once assembled, but you have to mount the crankshaft to locate the engine halves! You are right in thinking these are old. The dies date back to the 1960s (hence much of the subject matter) and were originally Protar. They have been re-released under different names. Protar was founded by Tarquinio Provini, the 50s and 60s motorcycle racing star. He won the 1957 125cc World Championship for Mondial and the 1958 250cc for MV Agusta. Subsequently he raced for Moto Morini. A serious crash in 1965 ended his career. Orginally there were more subjects, including the Guzzi V8, Guzzi inline four, AJS 7R, Matchless G50, Norton Manx, DKW three and a couple of road going Guzzi V7s. There was also a BMW racing outfit IIRC (there were others, but I can’t remember them all). There was also the big scale Guzzi V7, with engine internals, also moulded periodically by Italaeri. Italaeri also acquired the old Esci dies for the 1/9th scale military motorcycle, BMW, Zundapp, Harley 45, Triumph, Kettenkrad and Kubelwagen.

Great looking bike Michael.

Scalemates says it was first issued in 1965 by Protar (as mentioned above).

Thanks guys and to @Hohenstaufen for that history of Protar bikes. It seems that the kit was older than I thought so the molds are still in pretty good shape. I have the re-pop of the BMW sidecar unit from Italeri that I hope to do sometime in the future. I bought some figures from Jeff Shui to go with kit. It would be great to see some of those older bikes mentioned re-released.


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