Italian Armored Car 1ZM-Copper State Models-1/35scale

Not Sure what it was about this kit but I got really excited about it when I saw Copper State Models was going to release this. I pre-ordered it back October, the first time I ever did such a thing. After that I started doing the research on this and discovered that one was gifted to the King of Afghanistan circa 1928 and I knew I wanted build that one if I could find any pictures…as luck would have it…

I even came across a few picture of this very example that was found by coalition troops in Afghanistan in circa 2001/02.

The gifted armored car was rearmed with two 6.5mm SIA air cooled machine guns.

To replicate these I’ll use a set of ZB vz. 37 Czech machine gun from RB Barrels, may not be an exact match but close enough.

Here is a shot the kit box and a link to the “What’s in the Box Review” I Just published.

My plan is to keep this a simple project with no interior detailing and will focus on a clean build and paint with light weathering. I did crack open the sprue bags today and built up the engine. The fit is generally good and the detail is outstanding.

More to come soon so stay tuned.


I’ll be watching

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Neat. I like these armored cars from CSM, looking forward to seeing how it builds up.

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Here is quick update. I finished the basic build a couple of months ago and forgot to post it here. :roll_eyes:

Anywho the kit went together excellently and I’m in the process of priming and lay down some paint.

Thanks for stopping in
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Nice job!!

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Cool looking vehicle! Can’t wait to see it painted

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Nice build up. What was the function of the front rails?