Italian Army M24 Light Tank c.1953

As a Cold war modelling zealot, I sometime regret the self-imposed constraints on my modelling themes; I very rarely for instance, stray beyond NATO’s Central Region (and the contributing NATO nations) or the Warsaw Pact opposing forces, mainly because it reflects my stomping ground during the bulk of my service. However, just occasionally I venture further afield and here is just such an example. Again (as per my German M41) it’s been a repeat offender of late - ie far too much exposure at shows - mainly as a result of my abysmal build rate, and also I’ve been lazy in putting it away, so once more, an opportunity to show a few more pics:

The kit, appropriately enough, is from Italeri; I think the stowage mostly came from one of their sets too, although I recall making some bespoke additions in accordance with images from a US manual. It was this iteration as this gave me the Italian Army markings I required:


Again, I built this some time ago - 2018; I must have undertaken some research and came up with camouflaged Italian uniforms; the kit markings dictated the time-frame of 1953. I also explored the Italian countryside a little and identified a typical road-scene in post war Italy; I have no idea if the Ariete Division operated in such countryside – I hope so(!)

Inspiration for M24 base

Crew were from Dragon and Miniart with Hornet Heads.


Looks great. An interesting base as well. This one and your German M41 are great representations of US equipment used around Europe after WWII and through the Cold War. Great job on both.

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Thanks Gino; what was it called? “Military Assistance Programme” - “Military Aid Programme”? I can’t quite remember - I need to get the reference books out.I did enjoy making both models, being smaller than say, an MBT or equivalent, and hopefully managed to do both justice. Sometimes the smaller ones seem to have a little bit more charm(!)

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Yes, it was MAP, spelled the proper American way. :grin:


Its awesome! I love how it looks like an official Tamiya build in one of their magazines.

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Well, er thanks Mitchell; I don’t quite know what to say to that!

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