It's Cold... Lanchester Armoured Car in Russian Service

Hi all:
This is my CSM Lanchester armoured car in Russian service. The kit and figure are from Copper State Models , and both are excellent. I have tried to show them in a cold and wet scene. I hope you like it


Very nice build. And the ground work is well done. You really nailed that snowdrift around the lamppost.

What’s the additional gun in the turret? I recognise the Vickers but can’t pin down the other gun.

Once again…EXCELLENT model, figure and base!
Paint job on all elements well done!

Very nice! Great choice of colour tones; you captured “It’s Cold” beautifully. Very effective directional highlighting for the photographs. Thank-you for sharing.

One of the nicest presentations I’ve seen. Simply gorgeous work! :cold_face:


That guy really looks cold.

Really nice scene, simple but does not need anything else. Perfect execution!

That is awesome. The cold is very convincing!

Excellent Job, Alberto
I like this armuored vehicle.
Sds, Omar

The Russian Lanchester carried a 37mm Hotchkiss gun in the front of the turret and the original Vickers was moved to the turret rear.

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Thanks you all for your kind comments. As jfeenstra posted the gun is a 37 mm Hochtkiss,

Thanks. That makes sense.