I've been at Modelbouwenzo in Hoorn

I have been at Modelbouwenzo in Hoorn the Netherlands.
It was a travel from I believe an hour or more from where we live.
But boy, was it worth it.
I have bought a lot of AK Interactive acrylic paint sets.
And I bought some weathering products, such as washes from MIG and primer from MIG.
Two thick books with techniques in them.
Got a lot of valuable knowledge by talking to them.
And I bought some Hobbyzone modules to organize my workspace, which was desperately needed.
We’ve been at the city for a few hours, but it was an experience to never forget for me.
I’m hoping to visit Modelbouw Krikke Groningen as well someday.


Glad you had a good time :+1:


Sounds like a fun trip!

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Yes, it was a fun trip.