Iveco VTLM Lince Italeri/DEF Model 1:35

According to the plan of building a collection of special forces vehicles, the IVECO VTLM Line of the Italian special forces is delivered to the table. The base is the Italeri model and DEF Model wheels.


Really cool vehicle! Are you gonna do that camouflage pattern?


Sure…I will try

There are a lot of inadequacies in Italeri kit. I was going to do a Croatian version from Chad, but stopped in the middle of the work… I have some of Royal Model upgrades and those do not fix all the problems.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with the kit.


Would be interested in your experience. I built the MMK resin kit and I can only advise anyone to stay away from it.


Likewise, this is on my ‘to do’ list, too.

Mine is sitting as a shelf queen with decals and wash done. The build itself was quite straightforward. I can’t think of any real problem areas.

Doing all those Hummer variants should see you able to tackle this easily. What color scheme are you planning?

Sand + brown camouflage.
@Maki- I am also interested in your work.
@Bison126- Do you have such a bad experience with MMK? I have EPS Springer in my warehouse and it looks cool

@Makiwawa I’ve only built their LMV which was really difficult because of some poor instructions and a wrong shaped front part which required extra work to a better rendition. From memory the wheels were poorly detailed as well.


Folded model. I didn’t put the parts together to make painting easier.

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Looks good. What did you use to make the covered machine gun ?

About the MMK MODELS kit, I have made it too and there a lot of inaccuracies and missing details.

Windows sizes are wrong (too little), much appropriate for the british version of the vehicle called Panther, also made by MMK, but more simple to build.
I can make a separate thread about MMK Lince if you want.

I am very eager to see your model. I am interested in the conversion of MMK to the Czech SOF version.
…and machine gun cover

Completed Iveco Italian Special Forces in Afghanistan.


Lovely job Maki- you’ve done the camo very well and the weathering has turned out just like in the photos.

Wow that came great!