Iwata HP A is looking for a good home

I have an Iwata HP A I am not using. It needs to go to a good home that will put it to use. All I ask is the cost of shipping from Tacoma WA.


Hi Greg - not familiar with this one . I am interested but not for myself. A neighbor and friend of my daughter is a USAF tanker pilot with one child and and another on the way and a new mortgage . He wants to get into the hobby again but money is tight. I will gladly pay you whatever the shipping may be to 08008 . Let me know if you think your Iwata is user friendly enough for a beginner. I have a couple of Iwata brushes myself and love them and will be able to help .
LMK Thanks


The A is made to use 3 or 4 drops at a time and probably not be a good first airbrush. It is a detail airbrush.

I’ll put it to use! Great detail brush!

Thanks Greg - best I pass on it then .

Done. Message me an address and I will send you the shipping cost.

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Here is a good option with everything.

Otherwise if he has a compressor Amazon has Master airbrushes for cheap that are good to use.

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Better off private messaging your info and deleting this post.


Yeah I deleted it. I thought I was replying to a private message when I clicked Reply.

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