Jackal 1:35


I have just finished the kit number 84521 called Jackal 2.

Items used to improve the model:

Fuel cans AFV Club
Water cans Legend productions
Rocket launchers Legend productions
Extinguishers Accurate Armour
Wheels DEF Model (don’t forget to add the little photoetch part on the rim)
50 cal machine gun Live Resin
50 cal ammo boxes AFV Club
Bags Blackdog, Tamiya

2 Shovels (Dragon and Tamiya) (Hobbyboss one looks like a toy) with “T” shape handle apparently used by british army made myself.

Tripod from Tamiya
L85 weapons from Dragon, stored in front doors
Voyager model antiskid surface
Figures are built with Blackdog and Gecko Model parts.
Spare Hobbyboss seat from another kit for the missing one in the turret area.

Wrong instructions:
Do not glue any running boards !

Wrong middle right door. His shape is not symetrical with the left one !

Wrong water cans, they are US style !

Bad made fuel cans, too narrow and uncomplete handle.

Added from myself:

Rebuilt headset microphones, the ones in styrene are too thick. Added scratchbuilt radios missing in the Gecko kit.

Front and rear towing straps.

Hobbyboss empty winch drum replaced with a Blackdog part with rolled towing rope molded on, from their RSOV update set.
Towing hook added, made with flattened solder wire.

Too short PE straps for the jerrican storage replaced with 0,13mm Evergreen styrene

Turret gunner seat

Improved ground in turret area.

Rebuilt right middle door.

Absent on several pics, I have decided to not used side mirrors as they are bad made.

Reworked rear tarp molded on the hard rear box, which looks too smooth, using putty as a base to make irregularities and then silk paper and white glue, and added forgotten details on top.

Silk paper also used for rolled lights and winch tarps.

PSP planks rebuilt because of too strong photoetch material provided.
I keep the lenghts with holes and removed the parts which must be folded and replace it with
half cut heat shrink sleeve to make the rounded areas !

This model was too much complicated !
And as usuall there isn’t any color directions, and you need to check all elements on real pics to know in what color they are, a hard exercise for a color blind.


Very nice. Great build and useful tips, Lots of nice extras going on it.


you’ve done a fantastic job on that kit fixing so many issues that shouldn’t be there in the first place. it makes me wonder what the coyote vehicle is like and the issues it might have, do you plan on building that as well?


Thank you for your positive feedback !
I made it as well as I could.
I will not make another Supacat kit.
Warwheels walkarounds were very usefull, in addition with the fielded pics found on internet, especially one who was an inspiration for the turret gunner:


Thank you very much !

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Nice job …on a tricky kit….


The right middle door with the wrong kit part on the right.