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Darren Baker takes a look at the Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapon Platform by Hobby Boss in 1/35th scale.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/jackal-1-high-mobility-weapon-plat-form

It’s worth pointing out that the Hobbyboss kit is a good kit of a Jackal 2, not a Jackal 1 (despite what the box says). There are obvious differences in the roll cage, the location and height of the main weapons ring and around the cargo area for example that separate the two versions of the vehicle.

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John I looked at the layout and could not make it match the Jackal 2 and the crew positions is a place short

If you look at the images below, you can see the differences.

On the Jackal 1, the weapons ring is lower down, level with the the top of the roll cage. It is also located further aft than on the Jackal 2.
A Jackal 1 has no running boards along the sides.
The spare wheels (one either side) on the Jackal 1 are fully exposed and visible, whilst the Jackal 2 has one spare wheel and it’s hidden inside the side door (under armour).
Note that Jackal 1 has roll bars that run over the top of the side doors, whereas the Jackal 2 does not have them.
In the rear cargo bed, the configuration is different - the Jackal 1 has a distinctive ‘box’ frame that fills most of the rear area and is usually fitted with a fabric cover - the Jackal 2 has a smaller box and more general cargo space.

All images below are mine.


JACKAL 1 and 2 - In the foreground is a Jackal 1 (one of the prototypes without external armour). Compare the location of the weapons ring on it with the Jackal 2 in the background. Ignore the raised roll bar over the cab of the Jackal 2 - that’s a later addition and can be seen on both types of Jackal.



is this kit now available to the general public? I thought it wasn’t due to be released until November.

Yes it is - retailing at between 57 and 67 GBP, depending who your preferred retailer might be in the UK (cheaper from overseas I suspect - if you’re prepared the risk the import and VAT issues).

@JohnTapsell at the current time eBay is my current retailer for pretty much everything these days.

Got mine from MJR Models & Hobbies also on FB.
HBB84520 Jackal £57.65 included postage

Thanks for the pics John

Has anybody done a review of the HB Jackal 1/2/ish yet?

Also Scalemates are listing HB Jackal 2 HMP

There are some really good detail pics on this link.

Reco Monkey


It will be interesting

Hopefully be able to make a Supacat Oz SF version from this also…

Considering they plan on releasing a Coyote variant. it shouldn’t be hard to do.

@ArtyG37B where did you hear/see that they were planning to make a coyote version?

On their Facebook page. there’s a picture of the test build.

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@ArtyG37B wow that looks amazing, thanks for posting that Ian, dinosaurs like me don’t use Facebook.

Awesome, thanks heaps Ian, I will hold off and wait then. Cheers, Jason

Defence Imagery are starting to release pictures of Jackals in Mali as part of Op Newcombe. Glad to see my old lot out and about.


Thats a little gem of a ref site Max …looks like loads of good references for alot of kit :+1:

Hi Johhny Military Images is a good one as well. I would imagine a lot of people use that for reference. They have some of those Jackal Images on. I was planning on getting a Jackal kit and doing a green version but now I’m thinking desert colour as an Op Newcombe wagon.

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