Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapon Platform | Armorama

Kit no: 84520

Contents of the box: 14 sprues (>800 parts) , upper hull, lower hull and tires

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/jackal-1-high-mobility-weapon-platform

Nice to see the sprue shots- just a tad disappointed that its only got the GMG option. Would liked to have seen the .50 cal as well, but hey- I’m still having one- its not going to stop me!

I’m pretty sure there will be some aftermarket conversions for this one… Accurate Armour comes to mind.


That is a beast of a vehicle and I hope it comes out soon!

ya, it’s actually a 2. Still very good release. Personally I’m waiting for the Coyote.


This looks like a great kit! Any idea of how much its going for?

I forgot that one was on the books too! Looks like I’ll be going on a diet soon…

Well it depends on who you ask. HLJ has it on pre-order for $150 CAD

HJK not particularly known for their deals imho…:roll_eyes: I can wait.

This kit was mentioned over a year ago and was displayed st the Nuremburg toy festival and it seems to be on the coming soon list like the bronco British army quad bike and that took almos 5 years to hit the shelves. so I’m not holding my breath on this seeing the light of day anytime soon…and 800 parts…really, for a small truck…that’s pretty excessive in my book.

e-models have it for pre-order for £61- still a tad rich for my blood.

56:70 Euro roughly translates to £51

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Cheer for that Robin, that’s a more palatable price… though shipping adds another £20

yeah and don’t forget the possibility of a Ransom demand

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Yup… Last time that happened out of sheer stubbornness I decided not to pay so RM were left with the return costs and their own exorbitant “handling” fees.