Jadgpanzer T-26

Try to imitate resin modifications­čśë
Because of limited leisure time and personal skill´╝î lots of part are not seriously researched. Only the general looking. You know´╝î it is hard to acquire t-26pak97 resin kits in my city.


I converted Thinkverse .com downloaded pak38 into pak97/38

I do have this tank finished with parts from the former very rare resin kit of the german company New Connection. This tank was very rare to see, just one single Panzerj├Ąger Abteilung as far as I remember :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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@Black_sheep Panzerj├Ąger Abteilung´╝îthanks´╝ü I will remember that­čśÇ

Just finished painting­čśÇhappy weekend­čŹĄ


Very nice detailed gun.
Great work painting and weathering.

Congrats !

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@Nito74 Thanks for encouraging­čśÇ

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