Jag & Benz story

My garage is currently home to an old Jaguar and a not as old Mercedes Benz.
So I thought to tell this tale.
A Jag employee was in a bar sitting next to Benz employee.
The Benz guy said to test door seals a car is randomly taken off the line.
a cat is put inside…the next day if the cat is dead…the door seals pass !
The Jag employee stated that they do similar.
If our cat is still inside…our door seals pass.


There are many jokes about one-up-ing between contries and companies. I like this one:
"Many years ago, IBM Canada ordered some parts from a new supplier in Japan. The company noted in its order that acceptable quality allowed for 1.5 per cent defects (a fairly high standard in North America at the time).

The Japanese sent the order, with a few parts packaged separately in plastic. The accompanying letter said: “We don’t know why you want 1.5 per cent defective parts, but for your convenience, we’ve packed them separately.”