Jagdpanther G2 camo

I’m currently trying to finish a Dragon Jagdpanther G2 but need some help and inspiration on what camo scheme to paint it. I’m looking for a historically accurate late war scheme, the more none standard the better. I searched google and scalemates dozens of times with little results. For some reason finding war time photos of Jagdpanthers G2 online is quite difficult. I do like the older ambush scheme the Bovington Jagdpanther once was painted in a few years ago. If I’m not mistaken though the museum later repainted it because it wasn’t historically accurate. Is the new scheme of DunkelGelb over red oxide primer w/ white stripes historically accurate? Any and all help you can provide would be most appreciated, thanks!

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This is how I finished the Tamiya kit I built long ago. I modified it somewhat to be a G2.


This may offer some insight into The Tank Museum’s repaint of their JagdPanther G2 if you are interested. Missing Lynx: jagdpanther-g2-re-paint

There’s some discussion the repaint was related to World of Tanks due to being closed thanks to Covid during the pandemic…


BTW - I’m just started to read the thread

FWIW - this color picture from WW2 era would be more of my guide for a G2. First saw it back in the 1970’s.



There’s a great discussion on this vehicle on missing lynx and track link.