Jagdpanzer E100 trumpeter 1/35 scale

Started working on this one since some time ago, the kit is fairly easy to build. I’ve decided to experiment 3 color scheme and put swastika on it to show that the wehrmacht was still nazi and not apolitic (I dislike the myth of the mr clean wehrmacht) and the unit number will be on th eshurtzen for originality and because I’ve seen a normandy panther with a number placed there

Interested in how you bring it back to life so will be tagging along. I intend on getting this one to go with my E100 Super heavy version. its quiet nice as its not very expensive, about £27 if you shop around and once Ive got it, I will be going over board on the scratch building.

you’ll scratch the shurtzen and turn it into a technical?

No I will use the rear ones and possibly one on the front, and concentrate on the engine deck area and build that up with extra protection, top turret protection and possibly a remote close defence weapon system for the commanders side. Theres lots you can play about with on these thanks to them being complete “what if tanks”

Eh voila, it’s done, it’s a rather easy kit to be honest