Jagdtiger 114 , 1 Komp, Pz, Jg Abt 653

Hello modelers. Since I know most of you are far more learned than I on German WW2 camo, I was wondering whether anyone could help me answer two questions based on this illustration of the above vehicle:

  1. Is this a FOUR tone camo, with some mottled brown being a fourth color and
  2. This is definitely ambush pattern, but has anyone seen such large spots, which I don’t believe are a misprint?
    The rendering is courtesy of of a decal package I bought. I wanted to try it because so many do the 331 or 332.
    Someone out there must know . Thanks

Skeptical here.

Just looks like another poorly done artist rendering to sell decals to me. I have zero faith in artist drawings unless they provide a reference picture(s) to back up their work. They concerned with doing appealing artwork mainly. Others will have different opinions etc.

Track-Link: Jagdtiger build might be of interest.


Color illustrations are often artist’s fantasy as was proven with the now infamous Panzer Colors 1, 2, & 3. Unless there is photographic evidence to back it up there is no foundation to even begin discussing color and pattern of a drawing.


very wise Obi Wan. it’s Peddinghaus. your think they’d know better

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In light of that point, knowing that the photo isn’t true “disc camo” since the discs are clustered as part of the effect, we’re there ambush schemes with dots or discs larger than baseball on some heavy vehicles?

Peddinghaus Decals?

Run Away!!!

I used their products once and will NEVER buy or use another Peddinghaus decal product.

Peddinghaus makes the absolutely worst of the worst decals. In 50 plus years of modeling, I’ve never see a more hateful decal film that won’t respond to most settings solutions. The film will respond to certain chemicals used in paint removers however that doesn’t potentially work too well on a painted model. Some areas the decal film require sanding others filling the edge with thinned Molak Stucco Putty, sanding flush and repainting. Horrible modeling experience to get rid of the nasty decal film edge.

Do yourself a favorite and at least test an unneeded decal on something first.


Thanks for the link. I’ve got two of those kits, mostly for kit bashing use. That’s the one with the screwed up D8 (?} part of 4he front casement that notoriously doesn’t fit. Thanks

It’s not a photo, it’s a drawing. All of the Jagdtigers were photographed, and none were painted in this camo pattern. This drawing is the result of an artist’s imagination.


Yes, I think he’s building the Takom original Jagdtiger. I’ve not built the Takom Jagdtiger kit so can’t comment from first hand experience on making the casement fit.

However, the front casement will fit, we’ve see it fitted. It’s a little fiddly to do from what other’s have said. NightShift’s has a video shows lots of specifics etc.

If I wanted to build a Takom Jagdtiger (I don’t) the casement wouldn’t discourage the project.

I had the Takom kit and got rid of it in favor of a Tamiya Jagdtiger, as I like Tamiya in general far more than I like Takom. That’s a personal preference thing etc.

BTW - if accuracy is important relying on WW2 era pictures is best.

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Tankers usually did their own “painting” in the field with the pastes made into “paint” from residual fuel or other “to be discarded” petroleum products…so, the scheme could be just about anything. Note vehicles from the same platoon are not even the same pattern…so to you for artistic license…go with what you think looks good.

dear Rich
thanks. i agree with your points and have made some before to some controversy because there’s a modeler cohort who consider it heresy that non -factory camouflage was verboten.
my only concern is whether the ambush spots which are several times larger than the usual spots look too eccentric? I think they look good. You’ve seen disc camo? i think this is an offshoot

i’m building a Dragon kit but i ran into the Takom conundrum before and it was very cumbersome but not insurmountable

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I have seen pics of tankers using templates (don’t know what they were made of) for painting the white or black crosses on their vehicles…my guess would be that they were not issued templates for the “dots” but given written instructions for their application. Reading some of those instructions seem fairly subjective, so a feller might have applied them bigger than another. Perhaps to avoid scrunity just make smaller and more like what everyone else does. Happy to see you are really getting into the historicity of the paint job…it is one of the more parts of our hobby. You find out a lot “neat” stuff…at least for us guys! :slight_smile:

Well, I’m going ahead and using the larger ambush dots. While I’ve yet to see a photo of a historical one. As you know, crews had carte Blanche for the most part to camo their tank in whichever way their commander directed. Besides, the Peddinghaus exemplar I’m tracking off must have some basis. They’re not nuts or they wouldn’t have been in business for so long and have professional modelers using their decals. See below

Go for it! :+1:

And after you’ve spent hours perfecting your model, I’ll post the 7 photos I have of Lieutenant Hans Knippenberg’s #114 at Eppingen, then we will see who doesn’t know what they are talking about…

I’d post them now, but since I obviously know nothing about this subject, I guess I won’t waste my time.


Yeah, and if you look carefully, you will note that the “dots” are NOT really disks…looks like the “squiggily” use of an airbrush which came with the application tools for applying the camo…the guy using the spray gun was just applying some “yellow” in splotches…good chice by you and interesting scheme. I paint 1/300 scale micro-armor…will give it a shot on those babies! Love to see you posts of how it comes out!

Who’s the poor soul garnering apparent unwanted attention? Hope it is not I. Am I reading my posts wrong or did you say I was mistaken about something?

Oh and as usual, I end up changing models into more generic representations of aggregations of a certain vehicle because trying to be exacting about rebuilding vehicles which were once historically built bores me. Some other people enjoy it and I’m happy for them. I did the same here.

Hey SSGT. there’s some serious dudes on board this vessel. They take their modelin serious. Just something I noticed. Semper Fi