JagdTiger pictures - Aberdeen open air armor museum 1997

Rediscovered after cleaning out a utility junk room. One of my closest friends Mike P. is a few. Mike went all out for model building and was a truly fantastic modeler. He took the top side photos. I think he would be happy to share these photos from long ago.

Obviously Aberdeen had to use whatever paint was available to try and protect the JagdTiger from the elements.

There’s an interesting casting mark on the pig head mantlet.

BTW - my King Tiger wanted to see the pics too and help so please excuse the random cat shot :slight_smile:


Back in the day

I dragged the wife there in 2008,I can’t believe it was that long ago.
Really a cool place,sad that they closed


Saw in in the fall of ‘88

The Aberdeen JagdTiger eventually ended up at Fort Benning per Wikipedia. That was probably a fun move:) One of three survivors.

Jagdtiger (serial number 305020): National Armor & Cavalry Museum in Fort Benning, Georgia. It was produced in October 1944 and was attached to the 3rd Company of the s.Pz.Jg.Abt 653, bearing the vehicle-number of 331. It was captured by American troops near Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany in March 1945. Shell damage is still visible on the gun mantlet, glacis plate and lower-nose armor.

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Thanks for sharing the excellent reference pictures. I am building my Jagdtiger and I found this thread. Great details. Cheers :+1:

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I got to see the one at bovington recently.