Jagdtiger - Takom Kit 8001

Hi everyone, there seems too be a lacking of Jagdtiger content on the new forums, so thought I better help to resolve that! Presenting my recently (almost) completed build phase of the Takom 8001.

Im calling it complete with two exceptions:

  1. addition of some spare track (good lord, it seems near impossible to find some aftermarket tracks to suit this! I have a King Tiger just started I want some tracks for, and hopefully there would be some leftover to use as spares on the Jagdtiger).
  2. Im on the fence about the size of the casting marks I glued to the mantlet, they look pretty big? I might have to scrape off and re-apply smaller?!!??

As for what this represents, I was targeting an early variant. This will have no zimmerit, so im targeting something built between October 44 and November 44, so serial number 305028 or about that. Ideally id like to paint in ambush, but not sure of the timing works as yet.

I did have a build log started on the old forum, but that ceased during the ‘transition’.

Enjoy! I will post some detail photos soon!

Please feel free to comment! Im happy to receive comments about accuracy or otherwise as all feedback will be taken onboard for the future, particularly for the Meng KT I have just started, as it has a lot of similarity.


Very nice David… You can’t have enough Jagd or King Tigers for me… Really nice extra detailing. What is the detail like OOB, on the parts you have swapped over ?

Really nice! Love me some jagdtiger photos! Late war German tank destroyers have a special place in my heart. Big menacing looking beasts

Looks awesome! The extra details really pop.

How did the gun mount & front plate of the castemate fit? I’ve read online they can be challenging to get correctly fitted.

Some additional detail photos below.


Very true,can never get enough Jagdtigers,looks like a nice clean build.Looking forward to seeing some paint

Last detail photos (system says im a noob so can only post 5 images at a time :thinking:):


Outstanding build David! Your aftermarket detailing is perfect. I think those cast numbers look just right. “Ambush” camouflage was produced from August 19th to September 31st, 1944, so you may want to move your production date up a month. You really have all the details covered!

Immaculate extra detailing - really good work.

You’ve really done this kit proud.

(Now, as long as we don’t end up with the cleaning rods painted red and white).

It’s very beautiful and organized. I recently started Jagdtiger build too. Your build gave me a good motivation.