Jagermeister Porsche 934

Tamiya and Revell make the Porsche 934 in 1/24th. Both look like good kits. Are there any preferences as to which kit to buy? One kit is $30 and the other is $40 but price is not the deciding factor. Fit, finish and accuracy are.

I haven’t built the Revell version but did build the Tamiya “green” version (Vaillant) of the 934. It was a very straight forward build as you’d expect and makes a really nice version of the car. In the re-release Tamiya used Cartograph to do the decals, much better than Tamiya’s originals.



I have the Tamiya kit (unbuilt) not Revell kit. Tamiya gives you a curbside engine (just the bottom) and Revell gives you a full engine. Revell allows for the engine and trunk to be open and Tamiya does not. Tamiya has a few more extra parts than Revell does as they molded those in.

Either way IndyCal has a decal sheet that can help.

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I have built the Tamiya and still building (very slowly) the Revell. The latter has no mojo. Completing the Tamiya I had really a Porche-looking impression which (for whatever reason) I cannot imagine from the Revell kit, unfortunately.

So I would recommend the Tamiya.

Offtopic: I also built the ESCI version back in the early 80’s and that time I loved that kit very much. Surely not competitive with Tamiya or the Revell but still has nice memories. That model has been lost or exchanged as a young boy with Matchboxes (?).

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