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Your 1/8 scale E Type Coupe Jag is a truly exceptional build just loaded with extra details literally everywhere, and the paint and finish is simply outstanding.

I gather from what you’ve said that you also owned the real size Jag as well, so I’m now really envious.

As for a street/weekend track warrior, I went that route with both my MGB and my MG Midget. Both ended up being almost undrivable on the street (just ask my girlfriend what it felt like), and could only hold it’s own against similar duel type cars, unfortunately, I ran into too many full race cars that local SCCA guys brought to the time trials. I did notice that your Weber’s are open throated. I also drove my Midget that way and it didn’t take long for the sucked in sand, dirt, etc. to literally destroy all the cylinder walls as well as the SU carbs. But in model form I’d go the same way that you did.


Thanks for your comments and interesting story! My family had four Jags in Northern Indiana (winters), and while my memory has chosen to see the shiny side…actually they didn’t break down much (these were early 60’s era Jags) My father was a local Surgeon who also worked ER duty. His 59’ 3.8 XK 150 -S Convertible (one of 36 I think?) fitted with Pirelli Inverno tires was often the ONLY car to make it to the hospital besides trucks during the worst considerable winter snowfall. Having 2 six volt batteries in each inner fender was not convenient:) My personal later years 4.2 E Type did have some issues but when your familiar with a brand, I think you work ahead of the DNA design issues with targeted maintenance.
That dam big box was following me so one day I started removing the old hardened masking tape. My rare concern was that my skills had improved enough for the old work to look well just that? But it didn’t?
So I attacked. Now this kit is the poorest fitting POS I have ever built. The quarter windows simply fell thru the opening in the body??? The first windshield cracked just sitting there? Lost time of the far too many hours I spent getting the headlight covers to fit and fussing the door gaps as close to perfect as I can do.
The weirdest parts was painting the Tamiya TS60 Pearl Green (over silver base) and then the clear. Despite my paint booth best practices, I have NEVER painted a car or model color coat without some issue requiring another attempt…however, both the color and the clear went on the Jag without ANY issues? You know if a metallic gets ANYthing in it, the contamination causes the mica to pool by altering the flop and creating a spot that YOU CAN NOT SAND OUT. Then to repair you are now starting to add more mil accumulation than is appropriate??? The clear had no trash and no runs… a model miracle I expect never to repeat:) Virtually every part of the ‘toy’ engineered kit had to be re engineered to get to a standard of build. The opening doors… I chose Neo magnet buttons to make then sit in place and allow for any needs for future access like turning back the odometer. Cheers

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Now that’s some story. 4 Jags is unreal. I’ve never painted a Metallic finish so I had no idea that there that hard to do. But the E type came out looking fantastic.


Thanks Joel,

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