James Hetfield from Concept Miniatures

Concept Miniatures announced new kit in two scales:
James Hetfield
Scale: 1/10 & 1/6
Material: resin


Old School James Hetfield (main vocalist and guitarist for the American metal band Metallica).

With his Gibson Explorer Guitar. I love it.

Exactly as shown in this live concert video from 1991 in Moscow.

And now, you know, that I am a Metallica fan. :wink:

Not being much of a figure guy I find it surprising that busts of rock musicians are offered.
Is this something new ?
Now if we had Chet Atkins with his Gretsch or
Tony Rice with his Martin D 28 I might be a bit more interested…

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I’d love to see Sir Brian May with his “Red Special” too…

Full figure in 120 mm also available: